Uluru Ceremony

The Great Ngaltawaddi Ceremony

Solstice 21st December 2020

Uluru – image-Northern Territory Tourism

A World Call to Align in Ceremony

“Uluru, in Central Australia, is the Divine Mother Portal of Creation for the planet.    It is here where all new expressions are dreamt of and conceived. In alignment with the beliefs of the Aboriginals (Original peoples), Uluru is the place of Dreamtime (Dreaming) where all Creations begin. 

* please see references at end of the document re language usage

Uluru is also home to the Rainbow Serpent, the divine feminine creation energy of the Earth.

From the ancient Creation legends of this Dreamtime (Dreaming), there is a story about a Great Ritual that was interrupted, which has yet to be completed at Uluru. This ritual was meant to complete the Great Plan of the Earth Spirit

The Rainbow Serpent – with thanks-image source unknown

The twin sites of Uluru and Kata Tjuta, in Northern Territory, Australia, comprise the world solar plexus chakra. The global function of this chakra is to maintain the vitality of the Earth, and all living species. In the future, if there is a world art of immortal health, then the wisdom of this art will be gained from this chakra three in central Australia.

Uluru and Kata Tjuta – Solar Plexus Chakra

The wisdom gained from this chakra three is delivered to the rest of the world via the world ley artery, the Rainbow Serpent as it travels the path of life.

This Rainbow Serpent, is the prime ally and agent of the Earth Spirit.
It is the direct, creative expression of the Will of the Earth.
The Rainbow Serpent arises from deep beneath the surface of the Earth and first emerges at Uluru.

Rainbow Serpent Deep Within the Earth – with thanks-image source unknown

The primal spirit of life arises and emerges through Uluru. The Rainbow Serpent magic is then transmitted to KataTjuta via a special songline which exits Uluru on its western side from the cave of the Hare Wallaby, Mala Puta.

Once in the natural cathedral of Kata Tjuta, this universal vitality force is shaped and encoded into the specific designs suited to the many different species of life on Earth.  If all life spirits come from Uluru, then species are differentiated at Kata Tjuta. Walk into the Valley of the Winds at this site, and you will feel the many active nature spirits of the area weaving, shaping and creating individuality.

After the energies from Uluru have been packaged at Kata Tjuta, in the Valley of the Winds, they are then sent out, via the Rainbow Serpent, to the world.
The Rainbow Serpent leaves this area from the large heart-shaped stone, Ngunngarra- Scarlet Fuchsia and travels on to Bali.

The Rainbow Serpent-John Weeronga Bartoo

Australia was the first continent to exist. Through Uluru, the Earth Mother, through an almost inconceivable feat of maternity, gave birth to the rest of the world. At Uluru you travel through time, and enter deeply into the core consciousness of the earth.

Uluru is the embodiment of foreverness.

When you encounter Uluru, the divine force of Original Creation leaps out of the Present Instant and overwhelms you with wonder.  What you are now experiencing is literally occuring in Ancient Dreamtime (Dreaming), before humans were present in the area.

Aborigines (Original peoples) have no sense of historical time.  All is in the present moment.  Their major rituals invoke ancient Creation Times directly into the Present Instant, thus refeshing and recreating all things.  One of the great benefits of this recreation is to strengthen the Will to Live, the Will for Life. 

There is an Aboriginal (Original peoples) saying, ‘the dead walk backwards into the past’.  They have only one word for yesterday and tomorrow, which means anothertime.  Original Dreamtime (Dreaming) is eternally co-existent with the Present Instant of Time.

Uluru is the kin of stars and planets. Uluru has a very special connection to the Sun. The archetypes of planetary navel and solar umbilical cord are both present at Uluru.

Uluru is a seamless divinity.

Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds over Uluru-Dave Lyons

Uluru is the kin of stars and planets.

Uluru also has a very special connection to the Sun.  The archetypes of planetary navel and solar umbilical cord are both present at Uluru.

The word Uluru derives from the Liritja word “luru”. This word refers to parallel lines drawn on sacred objects, often in a secret ritual to create peace and harmony. The great rock is called Uluru because there is a great significance in the parallel sedimentary lines. Uluru is a protrusion of the earth’s crust that has tipped over almost 90 degrees, so that normally horizontal layers of sediment are made almost vertical. The message is this: the direction in which Uluru’s parallel lines point from southeast to northwest is of vital significance, for this is the pathway of the global Rainbow Serpent. Because of this, one of the many names of the Rainbow Serpent is Uluru. Those who named Uluru knew the great secret of the Rainbow Serpent – it passed through the site, and extened itself as a telluric current in both directions beyond the horizons.

Uluru is a great ritual device dedicated to the creation of peace and harmony. The earth energies of Uluru contribute to the resolution of global conflicts. The parallel lines of the site point the way of the Rainbow Serpent around the World. From Uluru the circle of health and greater planetary vitality flows forever.

Rainbow Serpent – Joe Guymala Ngalyod

The name ‘Uluru’ only has significance in terms of its global function. This significance was known long ago. As we learn to work with Uluru and the Rainbow Serpent, to create greater peace, health, and harmony on earth, the meaning and the function of Uluru are revealed once again. In summary, “Uluru” can be defined as the stone whose lines point the pathway of the life-giving Rainbow Serpent.  

Uluru is the Stone, the Pathway, and the Serpent.  May we learn to sing the sacred song of this great Rainbow Serpent Planetary Artery.

All features of landscape and all laws of life were created long ago in Creation times. The Earth was a flat, featureless plain. Suddenly beings emerged from this plain and shaped all things. When this process ended, many of these beings turned into natural features of landscape. It is said that the Earth Mother willed these events into being.

The Earth Being did not transform into landscape at the end of the Creation process. This Earth Being is a creative spirit alive today. The Rainbow Serpent also did not turn into something else. It too is considered to be alive today. While the vast majority of Creation Time beings transformed into natural features, a few did not. In addition to the Earth Mother and the Rainbow Serpent, there are also a few tales of individuals who kept their own forms, but ascended into an immortal star or paradise world, where they are alive forever.

Through creative evolution, the Earth Spirit is creating all things. One name for the Earth Mother is Kerungra. Kerungra created all life with her Ngaltawaddi. The Ngaltawaddi is the great umbilical cord, or wand, through which Kerungra creates and nourishes.

In rituals, a large pole with eagle’s feathers on the top often represents the Ngaltawaddi. Comparisons to the May Pole and to the Cabalistic Tree of Life, are appropriate.

The pole however, is only a symbol. Aborigines (Original peoples) knew it as a living thing, covered with living skin, which connects heaven and earth, and connects the Earth Mother to all living creatures.” Robert Coon

This image was taken at the time of the burial of an Earth Treasure Vase at Gabarnmung, Australia photo by Magi Whisson
Kariong -‘Wand” – image via Steven and Evan Strong-Forgotten Origins
Kariong – Serpent Head Stone – via Steven & Evan Strong-Forgotten Origins

These images of the ‘wand’ and the Serpent-head stone were taken at the sacred site of Kariong, NSW, Australia. Kariong is primarily and profoundly connected to this coming Ngaltawaddi Ceremony. This sacred site holds many stories and reveals astounding, ancient, rock carvings said to be connected to the birthing of humanity. These rock carvings also tell of Pleiadian and Egyptian connections and mysteries, along with a great deal more. According to the Strong’s this is one of the major centres that will first receive, then distribute, those life giving energies from the completed Ngaltawaddi Ceremony.

“The living Earth has two primary vehciles through which to give her nourishment and love. The first is from within her own body. The songline or telluric current of the Rainbow Serpent is the vehicle.
The second essential link is external and is between the Earth and the Sun. The solar umbilical cord Ngaltawaddi, connecting Heaven and Earth, is the bridge between the Sun and the Earth Mother.

For Aborigines (Original peoples), the Sun is female and is born from out of the Earth’s body. If a cord from the Earth to the Sun is ritually constructed and worked with, then the love and nourishment of the Earth will flow as a blessing to maintain the life and health of the Sun. In return, the Sun sends its own blessings to the Earth through this same umbilical cord.

After all the features of the Earth were created. After the first humans and all creatures were made, finally, as the last ritual, it was time to build this great Ngaltawaddi solar umbilical cord, which would unite heaven and earth. Through this final ritual, death would be removed as a possibility, and an earthly paradise of very high frequencies would manifest as the final, crowning act of creation. Uluru was to be the place for this final ritual. This was prevented, and paradise was delayed.

Aborigines (Original peoples) say that when this ritual was disrupted Creation Times came to an end and the world, as we know it, began.

In recent years a hole in the ozone layer has been opening over Antarctica. This phenomenon has two meanings. One is environmental. The second meaning is that the cervices of the earth are all opening up so that the new reality can be created. Earth chakras are opening, and the ozone hole is expanding. All of these openings will begin to contract no later than 2065 AD, and will return to their normal states by 2084. The current ozone opening will allow higher frequencies of the Sun to connect with the Earth during the Solar Umbilical Rituals at Uluru in the 21st century. After the Sun-Earth cord is established, and functional, the hole in the ozone layer will begin to contract. Both the environmental meaning and the ritual meaning are true. We need to change our ways and take much better care of the environment and we need to raise the evolutionary pulse of life on earth to new levels.”

Robert Coon

As has been stated, the Great Ritual was interrupted, the Creation Story was not completed.

The fuller story and knowledge regarding this interruption is further recorded in Robert Coon’s book (see references) It is too lengthy to incorporate, here in this document, but it can be noted that the ‘interruption’ is held in the story of the demon Kulpunya, the Demon Dingo and the baby Eagle.

Suffice to say: “After the Demon Dingo killed the baby Eagle the Mala people took the Ngaltawaddi Pole and fled to the southeast. Just before they left Uluru, they planted the Pole into the Rock, and released the Wonambi Rainbow Serpent from the Earth. The Malas fleeing formed the parallel lines of Uluru.

The Earth Mother then began to devise an alternate strategy for the Creation of an Immortal Earth. Her first act was the release of the Rainbow Serpent. The place where the Serpent was released is above Tjukiki Gorge, at the Uluru rockhole. This is on the direct sedimentary line that the pole was carried along.

The freed Rainbow Serpent told the Malas to climb upon its back. Together with the Pole, they fled to the southeast, still pursued by the demon Kulpunya. Eventually they arrived at the edge of the continent and faced the great ocean. As they (Malas) paused, the great Pole pushed out the land into what is today called Wilson’s Promontory, the southernmost point of the Australian continent. The Rainbow Serpent was able to travel over both land and sea. The Demon Dog was not. The black magicians, who made Kulpunya, never contemplated that the Malas could flee across great oceans. Thus, their evil creation stood howling at the shore, as the Rainbow Serpent and its riders disappeared over the horizon, over both land and sea.

The Rainbow Serpent, the Malas and the Ngaltawaddi Pole journeyed across the many lands, creating the world chakras and bringing forth the Plumed Serpent. Throughout the world all the essential features of landscape had been formed. Then the Snake, the Malas, and the Pole arrived back at Uluru and went to the northwest edge of the site.

Now as the final act of Creation Time, the Earth Mother changed the Ngaltawaddi Pole into stone, to serve as an eternal reminder of the Great Ritual yet to be done. If you go to the NW corner of Uluru, you can see this symbol of the solar umbilical cord.

The Great Ngaltawaddi Cord changed into a stone of several hundred feet which fractured away from Uluru.

Ngaltawaddi Site at Uluru – photo by Eva Iken

This Great Ngaltawaddi Cord, this original Wand of the Earth Mother transfomed into a huge vertical stone, barely attached to the main body of Uluru.  This Wand of Highest Purpose and Fertility has the powers of the Sun and the Rainbow Serpent contained within it. 

The Rainbow Serpent then entered back into Uluru and rested from its many adventures. The Rainbow Serpent is alive today.

The Rainbow is the symbol of the Rainbow Serpent and is a promise from the Earth Mother that some day the Great Ritual shall be enacted.

Uluru and the Rainbow – image by tour guide Thomas Nixon

The Great Ritual connects Heaven and Earth, unites Spirit and Matter.

From the ancient Creation legends of the Dreamtime (Dreaming) there is a story about a great ritual which has yet to be completed at Uluru. This ritual was meant to complete the great plan of the Earth Spirit. The Great Ritual, interrupted by the demon dingo, was designed to raise all created life into frequencies of incorruptibility. When the ritual is complete, then perfection will spread throughout the world and death will disappear from all species.

In alchemy, to change lead into gold is to change the mortal body into the immortal body. As suggested in the words of Australian novelist, Ion Idriess, this true alchemical gold is contained within the function of Uluru. Uluru, the Philosopher’s Stone, turns the world into gold. Uluru expands the domain of mythic Eden – until all areas of the world are contained within it. There is no death inside the gates of Eden.

This Ritual event is symbolized by a great pole, or cosmic umbilical cord that begins to function in 2020 AD. It is noteworthy that this statement, by Robert Coon, was written sometime prior to 2011.

In this new Aeon of the global village, this ancient ritual is destined to be completed.

Now is the time (Solstice, December 21st 2020) for the successful completion of this ritual.  In doing so it will raise the evolutionary pulse of life on earth to new levels.” Robert Coon

‘The purpose of this Ceremony is for the Rainbow Serpent to become the Rainbow Bridge, to rise up to connect with the light of the sun and go straight into the heart of Mother Earth. Cleansing, energising and reinvogorating Mother Earth and ushering in a new era for Mother, and her children.’ Julia Williams in consultation with Law Keepers

“The Ceremony will increase the flow of life and consciousness from, Inner Earth to Earth, from the Earth to the Sun and vice versa benefiting all beings and in support of Earth’s rebalancing with all of its life forms.

With the construction of the great umbilical cord, the djang or prana of Heaven and Earth is then stored within this planetary, solar plexus centre of Uluru. From this centre, health and greater vitality are circulated, via the Rainbow Serpent, through the entire world body.

After the awakenings of the two Global Serpents in 1984 and 1987, it became possible to complete the great ritual at Uluru. The first significant rituals dedicated to this process were enacted at Uluru on the culmination of the site’s most auspicious full moon in Capricorn on 8th July 1990. At this time, a great etheric Ngaltawaddi Cord was constructed between Uluru and the Sun. Ritual, imagination, humans, all species, and the Earth Spirit conspired to create this etheric link.” Robert Coon

Further ritual work was enacted at Uluru on January 12th, 2020, at the time of the rare Saturn Pluto conjunction. This Uluru Ceremony is now to be completed on the Solstice 21st December 2020.  Astrologer Lorna Bevan says: ‘This is the time of the Saturn Jupiter Grand conjunction at 0° Aquarius, which marks a once in 800 year shift of a time cycle. Known from ancient times as the Great Chronocation, the cycle of Jupiter and Saturn sets the tone for the New Order.  It is the midnight chime of the Great Bell of Time and Karma.’

In the words of Original Gadigal saltwater man, Timothy Mark Fish: “There’s some big lore coming, big energy from ceremony all round the land and planet, old ways tricky ways, big song needs singing, country needs to shake from a dancing that makes the air thick with the dust of the land and the voices of the people. Been spoken about for a long time this one through many generations Dreamings, many mobs Dreamings, time now for big change”. 

Whilst this Great Ceremony will be performed by the Original people of this land, they are calling for the focused, prayerful intent of all peoples around the world.  It is said that the success of this ritual is dependent upon this world participation.

Kaluwatawarra-Trish Levitt a Gundungurra Knowledge Holder, invites us to be outside on the Earth at this time. ‘Facing Uluru from wherever you are, draw a circle on the Earth.  Moving in an anticlockwise direction, which calls forth the ancestors of the past and invites them into ceremony with us, tap Mother Earth with both your hands until you feel connection with Her.  Send your heart filled prayers and blessings.’

Julia Williams in consultation with Lore Keepers states that the’ time of Ceremony is the time of the Solstice wherever you are in the world. The time of the Ceremony in Australia is irrelevant.’ You will find a link at the end of this document to Julia’s writing which gives further directions from the Lore Keepers, re intention, preparation and participation re the Ceremony.

“There is an Aboriginal (Original peoples) legend about one of the Opossum men.  While sleeping near the Kalajiri waterhole, he was suddenly awakened.  The breath of the Rainbow Snake was upon him like a magick fire.  He gathered up honey from the Valley and then journeyed to many sacred sites in Central Australia, distributing the food to many areas.  

The Rainbow Serpent is now breathing a magick fire of inspiration upon all of us, asking us to do the same.  May the gifts of every highest purpose be shared throughout the world.  This mythic Opossum man is called Yuendum

The Eagle Child, mentioned earlier, is high above the earth womb.  As a symbol of the individual, this child represents our immortal nature, waiting to be truly born.  On a collective level, the baby eagle stands for the birth of the New Aeon.  We are entering the Aeon of the Immortal Child.  The Great Ritual of the Solar Umbilical Cord at Uluru establishes the archetypal planetary structures of this Aeon.” Robert Coon 

. Photo – Kim Akerman

This bark painting was collected from Western Arnhem Land in 1912 and displays a portrait of a male ancestor in the ‘x-ray’ art tradition. Source: Museum Victoria

In reference to the writings presented in this document, I would like to personally state that what has been offered has been done so with the deepest respect and acknowledgement to the Original People of this Land, all Creation Beings and in service to Great Mother Earth.

While that which is here presented will certainly have its limitations, it is motived by good intentions and with goodwill to all.  May it be received in kind and may it serve, in its own way, to forward the great evolutionary imperative at hand. In particular may it be an acknowledgement of and in service to, the Great Ceremony at Uluru and the fulfilment of the promise that it holds. 

In the words of the late David Banggal Mowaljarlai to:

“Everything Standing Up Alive”

First Birth – painting by Ainslie Rob

Please feel free to share this document. It is here to serve!


~ The Umbilical Cord

~ The Three Art Forms of Uluru

~  Grandmother’s Golden Thread

~ The Earth Signal & Movement through the Ages

~ The Umbilical cord

“Many Aboriginal (Original) tribes attach a great significance to the human umbilical cord.   Some tribes wear their own cords as a necklace.  At Uluru, this umbilical cord performs a vital function.  The totem identity of a child is determinded by where the dried remnant falls off.  For example, the child of a Mala man could be playing at a Kunia site on the south side when the last of the cord falls to the ground  because of this the child is recognised as a Kunia.

The first nourishing level of the Ngaltawaddi is the umbilical cord connecting mother to child.  

The second level begins to be understood when the human cord falls to the ground.  The Ngaltawaddi represents the connection between the initiate and the Earth.  The discovery of a person’s totemic identity vitalises that individual’s nourishing link to the Earth.  A sacred bond with another species is established. We begin to realise that we do not own the Earth. The Earth owns us.  

Ultimately the third level of spiritual nourishment is the Ngaltawaddi Solar Umbilical Cord, which is the connective link between the Earth and the Sun.  Uluru is the World’s Inspirational Solar Plexus Chakra.  It is here – in the Red heart of Australia – where this great link must be strengthened.  The Dreaming is a Great Stream of Life that is forever expanding through Eternity.  As this Stream of Life expands into the Future, so shall the Solar Umbilical Cord at Uluru create higher frequencies for life for all species on Earth.  This is the Promise and the Will of the Earth Mother and the Rainbow Serpent.

Finally, in the presence of the Ngaltawaddi Stone, the initiate is told of Future Dreamtime (Dreaming) – when the last, unfulfilled Act of Ancient Dreamtime (Dreaming) is finally completed.  It is the Purpose and Destiny of Uluru and her initiates to activate the Solar Umbilical Cord from the Earth to the Sun.  This will usher in a new quality of life for all beings on Earth.  The abundant Stream of Ancient Dreaming expands throughout Eternity.” Robert Coon

Leanne – Uluru Actiation – https://primedisclosure.com/uluru-activation/

~ The Three Art Forms of Uluru:

“There are three forms of traditional Art at Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

The first, most ancient and most simple, are rock carvings.
One infinity symbol, the global sign of the two serpents – the Rainbow Serpent and the Plumed Serpent – has been found at Uluru near the site of the Willy-Wagtail Woman. Kata Tjuta has more of these carvings.


The second form of art at Uluru is that of rock painting. This is found in several caves.

Cave Paintings near Mutijula Waterhole at Uluru –  photo by Yvonee Yjemani Yi

The third and most sacred form of art is found on the Kulpidja objects, carved pieces of wood which are charged with magick life force, called Kurunba. There are only eight motifs used on the Kulpidji. The designs on the Kulpidja represent major episodes from the main myths of the site.

There is one Kulpidja that represents the Great Ngaltawadda Pole.
This design clearly resembles a Cabalistic Tree of Life, with three columns of spheres, and connective pathway lines. It is this Ngaltawadda Wand or Pole that the Earth Mother used to plant the original Tree of Life.

Another Kulpidja, represents the Demon Dingo, Kulpunya. The Demon Dingo, Kulpunya, connects with the interruption of the original Creation. It is very revealing. It is dominated by a concentric circle pattern that Aboriginal people (Original people) say symbolises the demon’s navel. This means that the purpose of the Demon’s attack was to try to kill the umbilical life force of the Earth, by opposing it with its own anti-navel, or death force.

Another of these Kulpidja is a series of four concentric squares, like boxes inside each other. This is a special design that is found on the great ley artery from Uluru (Central Australia) to Beagle Bay in Dampier Land (Western Australia), the path of the Rainbow Serpent. As the Snake approaches the ocean, this square pattern is modified into what is called the interlocking key pattern.

This Beagle Bay to Uluru interlocking key pattern is an ancient meditation structure that is used to project energy and information along the ley.

The energy is boxed up in four containing forms, representing the four elements, and then transmitted. When the pattern is opened at the receiving end, then the message and energy are decoded and released.

The inner square is red, encodes the fire element and is of wisdom The next square surrounding it is white, and corresponds with air. The third square is yellow, and represents water. Finally, the outer square is black, and represents earth and structure.

Ritually, this pattern originated on Bali, and was used for communication between Bali and Uluru.

On Bali, the four squares are formed by folding the four aspects of the island’s swastika design.
The northern fire key shape, coming from Mt. Kailas, is folded first, and becomes the inner will, or red square. Then the eastern, Mt Fuji, white, air key is folded.
Next, fold the western, yellow, water ley coming from Lake Titicaca.
Finally, the outer earth square, coloured black, is folded on the south side of Bali, and the package is then ready to send to Uluru.

This structure has the inner and outer squares created from the female Rainbow Serpent ley. The two squares in between, that of air and water, are created from the ley of the male Plumed Serpent.

Ritually, the core square, that of fire, must be prepared first. This is because it encodes Creative Will – the highest Purpose of the transmission.

This core Will is then surrounded by the square of air. This square is white and represents Immortal Life. Also, it is here that the details of the Will are encoded into thought forms. These thought forms may be decoded later, through either telepathy, or other intuitive methods.

Then the yellow square of water is added. This square contains the Love of the Rainbow Serpent, and contains heart energies of high and sublime emotional feeling. This square is nutritional, as it clearly acts to nourish all life. The Will and the Word contained within it shine through.

Finally, the outer box is added, that of earth. This black square maintains the full charge of the transmission so that nothing is dissipated along the ley. To make sure this outer square is easy to open upon arrival, it is encoded with light patterns harmonious to the physical DNA structure of the recipients. Also, this outer square contains the keys for making the received transmission useful, practical, and rooted in real life.” Robert Coon

~ Grandmother’s Golden Thread

An excerpt from ‘The Unraveling’ by Terry Tempest Williams

Along with dictionaries, scientists, and the land itself, I consult the Dead.  I hear my grandmother telling me to focus on “the golden thread” that shows us “the through line” that weaves the world back together again.  Where might this golden thread be found now?

I walked outside and faced round Mountain, an ancient volcano plug in the southern end of the valley where we live.  I held my grandmother’s “hand stone” –an egg-shaped, polished amethyst-in my right hand as I had seen her do repeatedly.  It was her talisman, which she bequeathed to me in her will.  She told me it calmed her heart and opened it.  I closed my eyes in prayer-believing in the power and connectivity of people gathered together in the name of health and peace on the planet.  My mind was quiet, receptive.

In time, I began to feel a heat rising in me from the ground up.  To quell my fears and skepticism, I kept my attention focused on how the warmth was settling in my body.  In my mind’s eye, I saw a flame coming toward me from the center of Round Mountain, gaining in heat and size and intensity, until it entered my heart, becoming. 

“a burning core of care” 

Those were the words that came to me as this force burned with a ferocity of intent that I have never known.  My grandmother’s hand stone was shattered inside, with dozens of fracture lines appearing that had not been there before.  It didn’t make sense.  My eye focused on a particularly large and complex fracture that occurred at the intersection where the deepest purple merged with the brightest, clearest part of the crystal.  Within that broken angle, it appeared brown, burnt.  I lifted the crystal up toward the light, and therein, I saw a flame.

I have no explanation for this other than to say that what was burning in me burned through the gemstone in my hand, shattering it.  The energy I felt rising from the Earth through the soles of my feet and from Round Mountain itself reached directly into my heart with a radiance of a million prayers circulating around the planet and in that moment created a fire in me of inexhaustible light.

In my desire to understand my own unraveling in this global pandemic, I could not have imagined that it would be my grandmother’s golden thread that would lead me to the source of both my undoing and becoming: isolation and engagement.

We are Earth unraveling and reforming creation.  We are unraveling in inexplicable ways given how tightly and mysteriously the world is woven together.  We can reweave the world anew…from the intimate spaces of belonging.  Dare to trust what is to come – a reassembling of our humanity.

Ronny Tertnes captures the most amazing images with high-speed photography and liquids. By plopping a single droplet of water or milk and capturing the splash it creates, he is able to capture familiar shapes that can only be achieved with this medium.

~ The Earth Signal & Movement through the Ages

“At the beginning of every Aeon or Age (an approximate period of 2,160 years), there is a journey made which transfers major archetypes from one Earth Chakra to another.   At the dawn of the Piscean Aeon the shift was from Jerusalem to Glastonbury.  The purpose of this shift was to prepare Glastonbury for its function as the Primary Chakra for the air Aeon of the Immortal Child- Aquarius.

The Brow Chakra is the only one of the seven major Earth Chakras that is mobile.   It is not located at a fixed, permanent geographical location. This “third eye” Chakra relocates itself into a new area at the dawn of each successive Aeon, and remains in that region for approximately 100 to 200 years.  It dissolves only after the old, fading Aeon no longer has an active influence on society, and not until the new Aeon has fully established its laws and archetypes in the world. After its dissolution, the functions of the Sixth Chakra retreat to Antarctica.

The pattern of this Sixth Earth chakra movement is very precise: It shifts about 1/12th of the way around the earth, to the west, in order to act as the energiser to the new Age being born. Ages are given the names of the Zodiacal signs, and each age has its own defining principles.  We are presently entering the air Aeon of Aquarius, and leaving the Piscean Aeon.  After Aquarius, in over 2000 years, we will enter the Aeon of Capricorn. A slow movement of the earth called the precession of the equinoxes creates these Great Aeons. 

To illustrate the movement of the mobile 6th Chakra here are its locations over the past few Aeons.

6,000 years ago at the dawn of the earth Age of Taurus 4473BC-2313 BC it was centred on Mt Belukha, in the Altai mountains of Mongolia-Russia.  It was at this time that the legends of Shambhala first came into being.  This focus of Shambhala also extended into the Gobi Desert and areas of Tibet.

At the end of the Taurean Aeon when the fire Age of Aries, began, 2313-153 BC this  6th Chakra shifted to southeastern Iran. The Magi or Zoroastrians, were involved in this new activation. 

About 2,000 years ago, the shift was from the age of Aries to the water Age of Pisces, 153 BC – 2008 AD and once again the sixth chakra moved 1/12th to the west to arrive at the Jerusalem-Egypt area.   As one age expires, and a new age is born, there are many sacred site journeys made between the previous activation sites and the new sites, and between the new sites and the future activation sites of the next Aeon.  The three Zoroastrian Magi who arrived from the east shifted the wisdom of Aries to bless the birth of Pisces.

When the time comes for a new Aeon to be born, the consciousness of the Earth sends out a signal. Many who love life and the Earth intuitively hear this message, travel to the new area, and contribute to the creation of the new age. The Earth is a living being, with a True Will of its own, and an ability to direct its own evolution.  As a movement of the Earth forms the Aeons, it is the Earth who is choreographing the dance.  

Previously, it was thought that the centre of the Earth was molten.  Now, scientists are saying that the centre is a giant crystal–not a quartz crystal, but a metallic one.”  Robert Coon  

William J Broad in an article in the New York Times writes: ‘ New clues and theories are illuminating one of the most inaccessible and enigmatic parts of the planet, its inner core.  Some experts say it may be a solid crystalline structure of gigantic proportions.  “My hypothesis is that it’s like a diamond in the center of the earth, just one single crystal,” says Dr. Ronald E. Cohen, a geophysicist at the Carnegie Institution of Washington.’ http://www.nytimes.com/1995/04/04/science/the-core-of-the-earth-may-be-a-gigantic-crystal-made-of-iron.html

“If this is so, then this centre would be very adept at sending, receiving, and storing information.  Project the energies and expressions of your highest ideals to the centre of the Earth, and have faith and confidence that your True Will projections will be, nurtured and magnifies by the consciousness of the Living Planet.  

What exactly is the global 6th Chakra?  It consists of the Earth Signal, with its Aeonic patterns, and the totality of all beings and activities associated with the formation of the particular new Aeon being born at that time.  After the New Age is functional, then the 6th Chakra retreats to the South Pole until the time comes for the next Age to form.   If you are contributing to the birth of the Aquarian age in the 20th and 21st centuries, than you are part of the Planetary 6th chakra. “   Robert Coon

Movement of the Great Zodiacal Ages  

Robert Coon – Earth Chakras

  • *Re the use of language in this document: In speaking with the Original peoples, in particular those who have been quoted in this article, the following understanding has been shared. It is the request of these Knowledge Holders that: Original peoples/Originie replaces Indigenous/Aboriginal.    Dreaming replaces Dreamtime. Knowledge Holder replaces Elder.  So with respect, in accord, and in support of the reclaiming of this terminology used prior to colonization the requested language has been used. Please note however, that in quoted text, which is not my place to change, the newly claimed words have been inserted in brackets beside the author’s own words. This is particularly apparent for the quoted writings of Robert Coon whose work was published 9-12 years ago before such protocols were in place.

References and Acknowledgements

  1. Uluru and Kata Tjuta The Ultimate Guidebook 2011 – Robert Coon . The primary source of the material presented here is resourced from this book. It can be downloaded as an e-book via googleplay. Earth Chakras – Robert Coon – 2009 Appendix : The Earth Signal & Movement through the Ages is from this book. Hard copies of Coon’s books can be purchased from lulu.com             http://www.earthchakras.org

2. Ceremony Nation Wide 21st December Facebook Page About: Calling all nations to lead ceremony on their sacred lands to send love and energy to Mother. Lead by Original (Indigenous) people. With particular thanks to Trish Levitt (Kaluwatawarra)-Original Gundungurra Knowledge Holder Timothy Mark Fish-Original Gadigal Saltwater Man This is a Facebook page that one can request to join.

3. Message From Uluru in Consultation With Lore Keepers by Julia Williams http://forgottenorigin.com/dec-21st-uluru

4. Australian novelist Ion Idriess 1931 novel Lasseter’s Last ride. Idriess’s book is a biographical novel of Lewis Lasseter, based in fact. Lasseter claimed to have discovered a reef of gold in Central Australia.  He died trying to re-find it.

5. The Unraveling – Terry Tempest Williams. A beautiful, powerful, short story published online in Emergence magazine. http://emergencemagazine.org/story/unraveling/

6. Amanda Ellis – video – Powerful Equinox – What’s Up Both Sides of the World In the section of this recording, beginning at 43 min and running to 1hr.05 min, Amanda speaks of what is to come in Australia as it initiates a world change.  Without being particularly informed about the Solstice Ceremony to come, she intuitively, and through the drawing of tarot cards, gives a powerful, energetic and prophetic understanding and forecast. https://youtu.be/F4w33XqZCDQ

7. The Original Prophecy Foretelling the Change of Everything – Magic Box Steven & Even Strong http://forgottenorigin.com/dec-21st-uluru Their presentation includes that of a Magic Box, needing activation at the time of Ceremony. While this notion of a ‘Magic Box’ is not necessarily acknowledged by all, I have referenced it here, in part because it is in world circulation, but also to provide the opportunity for individuals to form their own consideration.

With Thanks

Loretta Egan- Rainbow Serpent

Magi Whisson magiw@iinet.net.au

Corhanwarrabul (Mt Dandenong), Upwey, Victoria, Australia

May all worlds bless and protect you always 

I acknowledge that I abide on the land of the  Wurundjeri Clan- Woiwurrung tribe/language of the Kulin Nation 
 pay my respects to the Original people of this Country, past, present and emerging, for continually caring for this sacred land for thousands of years.
 I recognise that sovereignty has not yet been ceded

80 thoughts on “Uluru Ceremony

  1. great stuff I visited Uluru afew years ago ..amazing placee It seem to me like frozem movement made of spirit substancesI will join the world medatation on this day from my stone circle in kaiterteri golden bay neson new zealand high up a hill ..views of sky and sea near maori sites…I call my place Athena rose sanctuary I wish all a transformming awalenning spirtual time


    1. Hi Trevor, also from Kaiteriteri and have been doing Earth Healings when called and working with the portal there for many years. Two years ago I was told that my work was completed there. Now being told to move to the East Coast of North Canterbury for the next stage.
      Keep up the good work 💕💎


  2. Hello and thank you for all this precious information. I will be joining the meditation but am a little confused as to the time as one of the comments above quotes 9-02 pm Queensland time as the beginning time and another quotes 9-02 Sydney time as being the time, whereas Queensland time 9-02 is 10-02 in Sydney. I am assuming that 9-02 Queensland time is the correct time due to daylight savings time not been taken into account for NSW. Is this correct?


  3. We Terrans are at our very essence, love and light. The Bowl of Light that you ask us to envision is the Bowl of Light of which the na aumakua speak. This is the Chant of Creation: http://www.kahunahaleolono.org/kumulipo.html The heartbeat of Uluru is connected to the heartbeat of the Mauna on Big Island, Hawaii at this very moment. We humans who have cleansed our Bowl, have full space for this light of creation. Mitakuyé oyásin. Mahalo ala nui nui nui. I am deeply humbled and full of gratitude for these sacred connections. Thank you for the information on the magic box rituals. Thank you for the wisdom of the Elders.


  4. I post this reflection in memory of MIrri, an angelic being of pure love, who passed away tragically on December 17, 2020, shot dead by a stranger, in a fenced back yard in Ontario, Canada. We Terrans are at our very essence, love and light. After we come into these bodies, we forget. I love this FIeld of Light timelapse film. Even one light of hope/love shining, transforms the dark. All our lights combined expand exponentially. We are so much more than we know and have so much more help than the human mind can possibly imagine. The Bowl of Light that the Aborigine elders ask us to envision is the Bowl of Light of which the na aumakua speak. This is the Chant of Creation: https://peacewarriorprincessleinaala.wordpress.com/peace-warrior-princess-leinaala/gallery/chantsoli/ .The heartbeat of Uluru is connected to the heartbeat of the Mauna on Big Island, Hawaii at this very moment. We humans who have cleansed our Bowl, have full space for this light of creation. Mitakuyé oyásin. Mahalo ala nui nui nui. I am deeply humbled and full of gratitude for these sacred connections. We are working together with love, compassion, a sense of purpose and of belonging in the context of caring community, everything that the traditional Elders has stressed as being Keys to walking in beauty and living in a very pono pono way. We must be aware , practicing lovingkindness from the mind and heart every day. https://upliftconnect.com/a-call-to-the-world-to-live-in-the-spirit-of-loving-kindness/


    1. Dear Solange, thank you for your response. Even though the ritual at Uluru has now completed the energies of this great change are certainly still continuing. December 30th is another important time. Here is a link that may give you more information. all blessings across the world. xx

      Pam Gregory Astrologer:
      Full Moon in Cancer 29 30th December, and more.


  5. Hi Magi,, thank you for all the effort you have put into this amazing planetary convergence with Uluru… I was a little surprised at the images used in your article including unknown sources, and photographic image of Ngaltawaddi.

    When I visited Uluru / Kata Tjuta 2006 and talked with Ananu elders, this area could not be accessed by path and their map requested no photographic images of sacred areas, including this one. They had tears in their eyes when I commented on track near to special areas and climbing her.

    I have some indigenous friends and understand the complexity of lore, including protocol on another country. So cannot speak to any of that, only from what I know, thanks … still lots of amazing information and links to trawl through. Best wishes David


  6. Cosmos bless our planet and all life here and protect all that is. Our journeys have been full of service and now we will prevail. Namaste.


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