Sound Journey with Didjeridu


Uluru Ceremony

Julian Silburn

An offering for those who are responding to the World Call to Align in Ceremony Solstice 21st December 2020
image Julian Silburn

This link connects you to Soundcloud where you can listen and download the two tracks of this Sound Journey

Julian Silburn –  Listening to this Didjeridu-Yidaki Sound Journey

We will first connect deeply with the energy and ancestors of our own lands sending love gratitude and healing into the land and honoring the traditional custodians on which we live.

We will then begin a journey across country and oceans to Uluru following the song lines, honoring the sacredness and depth of connection to all the elements, rocks, watercourses, wind, trees, birds and living beings both physical and spiritual in all dimensions of being in all directions in time.

We will then be in the sacred presence of Uluru connecting and sending our love into the heart of Australia and honouring our place on this earth and all the sacred sites of the planet.  

Praying for the greatest good of all in the direction of healing and unity consciousness.

We will then journey home bringing these qualities into ourselves, our family our community and to our earth.

In the recording you can hear the underground spring gently gurgling under the Didjeridu.  That water has travelled from a very long way from the country in a serpent like path to arrive in the river here and then to flow out to the sea.

It also comes with lots of compassion medicine for the challenges and suffering in the world.

 Heart/Mind/Spirit medicine assisting with bringing the balancing and healing energy of coherence

The music is suitable for whatever the group/individual intention is. It is the energy of the serpent traveling and can be used to journey to wherever intended or simply a deep meditation experience.

MAGI –  Background Story to this Sound Journey

In speaking personally with Julian he shared some of the story of the country he was upon when he created this Sound Journey. I found his words very enriching and embracing. They gave me an expanded entrance into the didjeridu (yidaki) story that he was bringing forth.

So with Julian’s consent, I have noted his words, included his photos, and will share them here as an offering to you, to add to your experience of this masterly, profound and graced offering from Julian Silburn.

Julian is playing on Whadjuk Country (close to Fremantle, Western Australia) at a place called Jennalup – Women’s Feet Walking on the Path. This is a significant site for the First Spirit Woman. It is she who created the cliffs and it was one of her white hairs that formed the long white sandbar at Point Walter. The Aboriginal names for these places are: Point Walter- Dyundalup (Dyoondalup), Blackwall Reach-Jenalup, Swan River-Derbarl Yerrigan which means brackish place of the turtle.

This area is close to the region of the Caterpillar Dreaming Songline that leads to Uluru and beyond. The butterfly’s eggs are laid at Wadjemup-Rottnest Island. The Caterpillar then makes its way to Reabold Hill and then inland in the direction of Uluru.

The Original peoples walked this Songline, a distance of more than 2,000 km, from Western Australia to Uluru. “The Caterpillar Dreaming, across many clans, countries, with different language, story, and community, facilitates the movement of leaving old stories and arriving at new stories. The following of this trail through the landscapes of the Caterpillar Dreaming is said to put one in contact with the teaching landscapes of the transformation from the caterpillar to the butterfly”- The Caterpillar Dreaming Trail- Ailsa Blackwood.  Julian’s sound journey leads us along this Songline to Uluru.

It was here, beneath the cliffs, beside a river carved out by the Rainbow Serpent, inside a sacred cave with its fresh water spring, that Julian and his Yidaki created this sound journey.

This Sound Journey is Recorded on Two Tracks

The first is Rainbow Serpent Uluru  30min 

This recording was made on a didjeridu that has two serpents painted on it. This didje was found in the dusty backroom of a remote roadhouse, on one of the Earth Treasure Vase pilgrimages here in Australia. Our group had just returned from Uluru where we had met the Dalai Lama.

Julian says of this recording that it is about honouring. Honouring the land, ancestors, history. Honouring the pain, honouring the big Journey. Led by the song of the didjeridu, following the Way of the Rainbow Serpent, he and we, move across Country towards Uluru, pausing when entering a different mobs country, introducing oneself to the land, expressing ones intentions and awaiting the invitation to be on ‘that’ country, continuing on until arriving at Uluru. At Uluru one speaks to the ancestors, offering respect, sharing intention and again awaiting permission to enter.

So this recording is of the Journey across country to arrive at Uluru. It also honours and leads us into the Journey that each one of us has taken, our caterpillar-butterlfy journey, across many lands, through many Ways, to arrive here, together, at this place Now.

The second recording is Rainbow Bridge Yidaki  8.08mins 

For this recording Julian used the ‘solar plexus, red ochre didjeridu’ that had belonged to David Blanasi–Knowledge Holder, Master Yidaki (didjeridu) player, who taught and permissioned Julian.

This recording is about joyous celebration at Uluru. It sounds forth the arising of the Rainbow Serpent, the creation of the Rainbow Bridge and humanities entrance into this New Dreaming.

Julian has given his permission for this Sound Journey to be shared with those who are joining in this World Ceremony.

About Julian Silburn:

Julian is a didjeridu healer, performer and teacher with a passionate interest in Aboriginal culture and music. He has been taught by a number of Yolngu elders in Arnhem land and Noongar elders in Western Australia. Having collaborated with them musically and culturally over many years, he has their blessing and approval for using the didjeridu in his healing, performance and teaching work.

In all these activities, he aims to respectfully impart the spirit of what he was taught and to connect people with nature through various rhythms, songs and nature calls.            

Here is the link to the article

Uluru Ceremony – A World Call to Align in Ceremony, Solstice 2020

by Magi Whisson

Uluru Ceremony

All Blessings   

Julian Silburn & Magi Whisson

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  1. Hi, I can play the music with the links provided but can we download the music so we are not reliant on internet to play the music?


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