Experiencing the Solstice

Solstice Uluru Ceremony – from our node

Part One:

Dear Ones,

And now to share some story/images of our Solstice, Uluru Ceremony from our node here at Corhanwarrabul (Mt Dandenong) near Melbourne, Australia.

In the lead up to solstice our monthly Earth Treasure Vase (see info below) group came together in our home. This is our altar that has built up over 2020 as we shared understandings, invocations and blessings to assist in our movement through this time of “The Great Turning”.

Our Earth Treasure Vase Group altar, built up over 2020, with the candles of each group member alight

At the front of the altar is ‘Mother Uluru’ and ‘baby Uluru’ in the red earth, in their coolaman.

Mother Uluru and Baby Uluru resting in the red desert sands in their coolaman

At sunrise, the morning after our group had gathered in early December, the sun was raying through the room, into the next, in a way that we had never seen before, striking ‘Uluru’

Sunrise light striking Uluru’s

In the post had arrived this snake skin from my soul daughter who lives on the land with pythons.

Shedded skin of a Python

On the day of Solstice Eva and I finished preparing the altar outside in our garden, beneath our node tree, in the east.

Our Guardian, Node tree in our east garden

The snake, that weaves across garden beds, under the stone steps and into the next garden bed, was dressed.

Serpentine Weaving
Altar to Mother Earth
Altar to Mother Earth
Altar to Mother Earth
Altar to Mother Earth

Small seed pods from our beloved elder Aunty Margaret Katherine’s homeland. 

Offerings upon the Altar

Offerings for Mother Earth (gratefully received that evening by the possums and other creatures of the night!).

As we finished the altar the rain began to fall.

So our evening ritual was inside looking through the glass doors out to ‘Mother’.

Eva and I invoked and prayed. We then put Julian’s didjeridu recording on . What a transformative gift Julian. Our deep thanks.

With the sound of the yidaki, I was one with the red desert lands, the vastness of open blue skies, the goanna, the smiling ancestral faces welcoming. In the journeying I saw in a new way. My seeing is usually ‘conceptual’. This seeing was ‘actual’, ‘embodied’, right there, in a new and powerful way. The meditation was deep and earthed for half an hour. Then it was said “to enter no further”, so I held with the large gathered group of like souls, beings upon many levels. We held place, holding the outer circle for a further hour, enabling those elders and ancestors, who continued into the depths of Life, to do that which they were called to do.

And It was Done!

At the end of the ritual Eva took this photo from inside, looking out to the garden altar, now in darkness, shrouded in rain, still holding presence, with just the star and candles giving light to the Mystery.

Mystery upon the outside altar

Then to bed for a few hours sleep before arising again at 3am to be part of the Blessing Ceremony for the Bering Strait Earth Treasure Vase led by Cynthia Lazaroff in Hawaii and ‘lovelies’ from around the globe.

What a gift this was. A second Solstice Day, with beloved world community. Julian’s didj leading us in. The sun had not yet risen here in Oz but Cynthia’s rooster in Hawaii was crowing. Time morphed, boundaries fell. It was such a deep, moving, profound Ceremony with beautiful souls from lands faraway, but hearts in one place.

In the silence and softness before dawn

I then spent a soft hour in silence, awaiting the coming in of the dawn, here in Australia, on the 22nd December. The rain was continuous but I opened the doors, so that the inside and outside altars had no separation. I placed sound speakers in the doorway and played Julian’s Didjeridu SoundJourney into Mother Nature. I was blessed and blessing as I shared in the coming of the light of this new Aquarian day.

Dawning of the first day in Aquarius
Dawn 22nd January 2020

Sharing in the world now arising to the new dawn.

Angelic Sunrise at Uluru

Guided by the Star of Life

Star of Bethlehem from BSU Planetarium

All blessings and deep thanks for this continuing Life.

Love to you All

Magi Whisson

Part two to follow in another post.….

About the Earth Treasure Vase Practice: Inspired by an ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project brings healing and protection to the Earth by filling consecrated clay vessels with prayers and offerings, and ceremonially burying them in the Earth in collaboration with indigenous elders, young activists and grassroots leaders in places where healing and protection are most needed around the planet.
You can subscribe to the newsletter and register to join the monthly full moon zoom calls with inspiring, beautiful souls from around the world at https://earthtreasurevase.org http://www.gaigamandala.net
Here is a link to a slideshow of images from the many Earth Treasure Vase pilgrimages over the years.

9 thoughts on “Experiencing the Solstice

  1. Dear Magalotti, This is so wondrous and beautiful. It has height and depth and breadth, carried by the sound of the didgeridoo, by your spirit and by All who join in intention and invocation, spiralling around the world, up into Cosmos and the All That Is. Thank you dear heart. Nickyxx

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Absolutely heartfelt 💚 enjoyed a deep resonance reading and absorbing your beautiful writings and pictures. Thank you dear Magi 💚


  3. ..Beautiful words and images, thank you Magi darling 🙏 The garden and outside altar are sublime. Yes, wasnt that rain wondrous; what a blessing. Much love xxx ❤️

    Sent from my iPad



  4.   Kumu Leinaala Brown-Dombrigues of Mauna Loa sent new photo of rainbow eye at the crater   . Magi, may I introduce you to Kum, Kumu, this is Magi. You are at both ends of the rainbow bridge, connecting from the navel of the world at ULURU to the heart of the world , described by scientists as the  “portal to inner earth”I am sharing your wonderful images and words shared with me today with the prayer circles our of New York and Montreal. May you always walk in beauty. https://youtu.be/GFovBLNEGgwWe ARE walking each other home.  Mitakuye oyasin. Mahalo ala nui nui nui.Sent from my Galaxy


  5. Dear Magi and Eva….Images and words so moving and powerful…….deeply heartfelt and calming in their reverence to the Mother.


  6. I was astounded by your deep experience and devotion to this sacred moment here on our divine mother father Corhanwarrabul. Such artistry you both evoked. Thank you 🙏 I am honoured to be part of this elders circle. I feel this change, I feel the First Nations people gathering strength. I hear the land and the sighs of the trees that resonate with my own being. This year is held in my body and deep rest is needed, I am one with the Mother. May everyone hear Mother Earth. I pray we may all listen.


  7. Thank you so much Magi for your work. I’m sitting here – deeply touched and completely involved, intangled, stunned, interwoven ( you probably laugh cause if it goes so deep I miss my German way of expressing myself 😉 .. and then language is leaving me and colors and sounds and rays and patterns of light are the only expression I have. The depth of your work Magi – your way of being able to express all the insight, the beauty and wisdom – the sharing – in this poetical artistic way – is amazing and goes right into my heart and soul.
    And as colors and sounds do – painted words as yours are – resonate with every cell.
    I appreciate this beautiful collection of experiences, amazing pictures, stories, thoughts and wisdom. It makes me proud and humble to be part of this multidimensional circle of brave souls.
    My deepest gratitude and love to you – to all of you.


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