Intrinsic Love

A talk given by Magi Whisson

It is offered here both as a video recording and as a document with text and images

Video recording:


Written presentation with images:


What I have been drawn to for this Dharma Talk today is to Speak of Love.

In any attempt to understand such great matters one reaches first to the poets, the mystics of the world.

So I will begin with this poem by the Mystic, Philosopher, Poet and Priest, Peirre Telihard de Chardin:

The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides, and gravitation, we shall harness for God the energies of love. And on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we shall have discovered fire.

Telihard de Chardin

Chardin’s view is supported by many other great mystics.


In the words of Rudolf Steiner :

The mission of our Earth is the cultivation of the principle of love to its highest degree, by the beings evolving upon it. When the Earth has reached the end of its evolution, love should permeate it through and through.

Rudolf Steiner

For Socrates love was a daemon, an inner god or spirit, an inspiring force.

Love stands as one of the deep creative powers of the universe.

It is relational and purposeful as it directs and binds all forms of life towards a greater whole.

It is always in service to forwarding a completing design, an ultimate sacred geometry that will hold all life in accord.

Love is so known to us and yet so unknown.

It is fundamentally, intrinsically and intimately woven into our very human nature.

Love is both immanent – right here, right now, present.

Immanent Love

Love is also transcendent – out there, nebulous, beyond. Held by Mystery.

Transcendent Love

Love can penetrate our life from “top end down” or “bottom end Up”.

We experience Top end down love – when Cupid draws her bow shoots her arrow and we are pierced by love.

We ‘fall’ in love and, for a period of time, the ‘other’ and the world at large is euphorically embraced. New unions are created. Destinies are brought together. Here is the work of Top down Love.

BUT….then..!!! … comes the work of ‘Bottom end up Love’.

If the union is to continue through the many years, ‘bottom up’ Love will then need to be lived into life through all the challenges that relationships bring. Blow by blow WE bring forth enacted Love.

It is our task is to anchor love, in the world, in manifold ways.

We are called to create a direct relationship with Love, to receive Love and in turn offer love back to Love.

This circle of love then becomes a Returning Spiral.

Love’s Returning Spiral

This quest of love is a long, long relational journey towards oneness.

Love’s Journey asks us to resolve deep complexities and differences.

This is the Journeying, the unfolding story, of the ‘I’ and the ‘We’.

Within this journey we are asked to relinquish all that inhibits unification with the ‘other’ whilst at the same time stand true to that which is singularly authentic and essential to one’s own true self.

Within this journey we enter into the deep paradox of Love, for it is here that Love asks of the ‘I’ that it dies to the ‘We’, yet in doing so finds its own central life.

This is expressed so eloquently in the words from the poem Turquoise Mountain by poetess Cynthia West :

I can’t express how the wind blows me apart only to put me back together again.

Cynthia West

Love asks us to surrender our self into the whole, to actually become integral to that very whole, but at the same time, remain uniquely and particularly one’s differentiated self.

In doing so Love begins to reveal her HIDDEN JEWEL.

Love’s Hidden Jewel

This hidden jewel is that which I hold and call Loves inherent GIFT OF RETURN.

This Gift of Return is expressed in these words of Rudolf Steiner:

One’s love of another being will shine back into one’s own self. The self will then be able to love without loving itself.

Rudolf Steiner

This is further expressed poetically by this, my guiding quote for these times, by Mooji:  

Don’t be in you. Be in me. When we are one, I put you back in you, to be you without you. Complete


And here we are in this group, within this greater Mandala, immersed in, weaving, and co-creating with Love, with each other, blending our ‘I’s into We’s.

‘We’ – photo by Eva Iken

I am here because of You. I am here, now, presenting in this way because of the many many beloveds who have midwifed, who have birthed who I am.

So I thank all those Lovers in Life who have doubled for me when I was unable, mirrored me, witnessed me, offered, reflected and blessed back to me, who I am in the world, and in so doing allowed me to receive Loves Gift of Return.

I well remember my own voicelessness, my frozen terror at the thought of speaking out, of expressing myself. It is still not that long ago.

The reason I am here, in this position today, is due to the stepping stones that have been crossed, the movement through developmental stages, the gathering of understandings that support and underpin the process of inter-relationship between the ‘I’ and the ‘We’.

All of these then, in turn, promote the emergence of SELF and one’s greater capacity to give back to life.

So I would like to briefly nominate some of these processes that have not only been essential to me but also underpin love in action.

Sacred Space

A prerequisite for any relatedness whether of the ‘I’, the ‘We’, or the ‘I & the We’, is the creation of sacred time and space, of a sacred circle, a temenos, wherein the self can not only express but can widen, grow and Become. Such a space, by its very nature, automatically invites Love and her kin to enter.                                  

And as we gather here in this group we too are sharing within such precious Sacred Time and Space.


Doubling is when developmentally, or otherwise, one is not able to do the task oneself, so another stands in place of you.

In the theatrical world it is the actor’s double.

Often in our groups here, one person will speak and it becomes the words of others who perhaps are not yet able to share their voice.

I will share an example of doubling from my own life:

I was with my three young great nieces and nephew. It was winter time. We were all at the seaside, playing at the water’s edge. Each of the children were gathering stones and throwing them into the ocean, waiting for that accomplishing sound, that “plop” into the water. The two older ones were more than capable of doing this. The littlest was also throwing her stone but it was only reaching a short distance. Hers was falling not much further than her own little toes. In the act of doubling I crouched behind her. As she threw her stone I, from behind and unseen by her, matched her actions. My stone joyously plopped into the ocean. She grinned with delight.

Here, through the processof doubling she in her littleness was able to experience the success, the completion of the action. A patterning was laid that could later become her own.

Doubling allows the learning process to proceed.

It honours the difference in our developmental stages but offers opportunity. Those who have developmentally gone before us temporarily stand in for us and example the way forward.


Within the sacred circle one can be witnessed in a profound and completing way, allowing the self to be truly met. This is the beginning ground of so much more.

Sceptre – Owen Gent

Deep Listening

Within the witnessing, within the sacred circle, there can be offered what Aboriginal elder or Cleverwoman, Aunty Miriam-Rose, calls Dadirri.  Dadirri is Deep Listening.

This is listening with the fullness of heart body and soul. Listening to what is in the silence as well as what is spoken. Holding energetic connection and being receptive to all presenting nuances.

It is within this deep 360 degree listening, wherein one put’s aside oneself and profoundly receives the other, that magic happens.


Side by side with deep listening is mirroring. Mirroring is where one literally mirrors back to the other what they have expressed. No interpretations, no solutions, no additions. Through being fully present, one simply reflects back what has been witnessed.

This creates palpable human connection. The receiver experiences themselves as being fully seen, heard, understood, and met. This is an essential base line for any further, maturing of inter-relationship. Without such mirroring we often don’t know who we are, for we are often very miserly, limited, in giving good value to our own self.

All of these nominated processess along with their kin, direct us towards maturing conscious, creative, inter-relationships. This in turn further enables us to be part of Loves Gift of Return. The spiralling circle of Love is enacted.

Through our responsiveness, through our acts of conscious co-creation, that which has been given and in turn received, can then be offered back in a greatly enhanced and enriched form. 

In this way we dress, we clothe the other so that they can know and become who they fully and truly are.

This, for me, is the most charming, mystical, wicked, clever and mirthful aspect of Love. Because Love’s cosmic joke is that ‘I’ can only become my true, completed self, who ‘I’ am, because those who are ‘other’ to me have gifted me back to myself.

We cannot complete the task of individuation on our own. It is completely dependent upon the presence of the ‘other’, the gifting from the ‘We’.

To that end here again are those sounding words of Mooji:

Don’t be in you. Be in me. When we are one I put you back in you, to be you, without you. Complete .


A Falling Drop of Water captured via Ultra Fast Photography by Ronny Tertnes

When there is completion, or rather a sufficient degree of completion of the individuation process, when the individual has sufficient – enough– strong ground to stand upon, then one great round within Life’s Journey softens out and, at least in a primary way, draws to an end.

But as always, when one circle completes it always initiates the beginning of another. Circling Spiralling Love.

Up until this stage the primary focus, out of due evolutionary necessity, has been consumed with the forming of the ‘I’, of maturing and emboldening the self and its own place in the world.

This has meant that one has not been able to be a greater part of the wider world.

Now that the individuated ‘I’ has sufficient development, there now comes a call, a due, that which Carl Jung describes as “the ransom to be offered”.

Sculpture-Fidelma Masse


One must offer a ransom. One must bring forth values which are an equivalent substitute for one’s prior absence in the collective personal sphere.

Carl Jung

One must now become the bearer, the bringer of gifts to the wider world. One must now add to the value of Life, enabling Love to become ever more encompassing, ever more gifting.

This is also beautifully expressed in the text that accompanies the Zen Ox Herding Pictures which says:

One must return to the marketplace with bliss bestowing hands

Zen Ox Herding Pictures

And this is the Journey of Love that we here, have also been and are continuing to be, engaged in.

We are drawing towards the conclusion of this talk but before I do I would like to seed yet one greater circle of Love. One that I believe is significant and pertinent to these “interesting times” that we are living in and through.

I will l seek to just mark the spot here today in this regard.

To simply lay a seed upon OUR ground. To let a feather fall.

Dr Jacqueline Hobbs (1) speaks of the emerging Global Nature Intelligence System – which is rooted in the setting of peace, its instructions are carried by water and it is enabled by the frequency of Gold.

The five elements that are already known to us, those of earth, air, fire, water and metal, function within this system or matrix.

Jacqueline goes on to say that there is now a sixth element emerging. This sixth element is the element of Love.

This sixth element is indescribable but can be loosely referred to as a type of ether or space.

It is made up of two components: possibility and pure love.

Together all six of these elements form a vast network of communication and planetary transformation.

You are part of one global eco-community. You carry Nature’s principles and you are joined by the same frequencies.

Love is actually a species of intelligence. You are made of it and it is now becoming apparent.

With thanks – artist unknown

This new, emerging element of pure love and possibility activates new future timelines not seen in recorded history.

It restores peace on Earth in all its forms.

We are now being beckoned by the emergence of this greater circle of Love.

So to conclude I will now return to where we began today, to the words of Teilhard Chardin. In so doing  I would posit that Love is now calling, beckoning and that:

For a second time in the history of the world We Shall discover Fire.

Teilhard Chardin

Vladimir Kush – Fiery Dance

The Forever Fire of Love

 Long May It Burn

Thank you lovelies for your Loving Presence and Gift of Return 

I honour each of You.

You who are the Lovers and the Beloved.

A Falling Drop of Water captured via Ultra Fast Photography by Ronny Tertnes

All Love and Blessings – Magi

This was a talk presented to the Earth Treasure Vase Mindfulness Group – June 2021

(1) Dr Jacqueline Hobbs-

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